Meet Our Team


At Signature Travel, we are all experienced consultants who travel at least twice a year. We love sharing our wealth of travel knowledge with our clients along with our areas of specialty.

The one thing we have all learnt along the way in our journeys is that it takes a qualified and experienced travel consultant to make sure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. 

Nicole Fallon – Owner/Manager

Always somewhere new to discover for Nicole…

 A trip to Fiji with her family as a child was the beginning of a life-long love of travel for Nicole Fallon.

Nicole went on to forge a career in the travel industry that has spanned 16 years and encompassed 30 countries so far. 

In 2010, she began living the traveller’s dream when she purchased an agency and established Signature Travel.

The variety and challenge to get the best deal for her clients drives Nicole in an industry that is ever-changing.

“No two days are the same,” Nicole explained. “We work in an industry that allows us to explore the world and create dream holidays. 

“My personal travel ‘super-skill’ is spending the time getting a client’s itinerary just right – using the local knowledge in the office whilst looking for the best prices.

“It’s an exciting industry to work in because you are continually learning to keep up-to-date with changes and developments.”

Nicole’s favourite place to travel is the United States especially New York. Her idea of the ‘ultimate trip’ though is ever-changing with new and exciting experiences coming across her desk daily. 

“No matter how long you are in the travel industry, there is always somewhere new to discover,” Nicole outlined.                                    

Robert Thornberry – Senior Travel Consultant

30 years in the travel industry for Robert… 

After three decades in the travel industry and trips to 40 different countries, Robert Thornberry’s wealth of travel experience is extensive.

Many travellers have benefited from that knowledge over the past 19 years that Robert has been working at Signature Travel.

Robert’s attention to detail and his ability to source interesting and challenging trips has made him the ‘go to’ man for travel problem solving.

While his annual holiday in Bali is non-negotiable for simple time out, Robert’s travel tastes are quite diverse. 

“My favourite country to travel in is Italy,” Robert outlined. “The culture, cuisine, scenery, history and people.

“The ultimate trip for me though is an Abercrombie and Kent African Safari – pure luxury!

“The best travel tip I have ever been told over the years would be plan ahead. You can never be too organised when it comes to travelling.”

Lynne Mortimer – Travel Consultant

Nothing beats local knowledge according the Lynne…

With 29 years in the travel industry and nine years at Signature, Lynne’s passion for travel and creating exceptional holiday experiences for her clients is her favourite part of the job.

“Every day has a different destination,” Lynne explained. “People are excited to come to the office because they are planning a wonderful holiday.

“Nothing beats local and ‘been there’ knowledge when it comes to travelling. Being fortunate enough to travel to many places gives us this advantage.”

Lynne’s first overseas travel experience was her honeymoon trip to Canada to see the Rockies and the frozen Lake Louise.

Since then she has gone on to visit 11 countries with the United Kingdom topping her favourites so far.

“My dream trip would have to be to the Arctic and Scandinavia,” Lynne reflected. “Unique winter wonderland experiences, snow hotels, extraordinary experiences and dramatic scenery!”

Renee Markwick – Travel Consultant

Renee specialises in making travel dreams a reality… 

After 13 years at Signature Travel and 20 years in the travel industry, Renee Markwick still considers it a pleasure to make travel dreams come true.

Renee got the travel bug whilst travelling with friends in Bali and has now clocked up 25 different countries. 

Her attention to detail and super organisational skills are among her best weapons when planning trips.

New York City is Renee’s favourite destination for everything the ‘Big Apple’ has to offer visitors.

“My ultimate trip would be an Italian Adventure, but I am always happy to go back to New York,” Renee laughed.

“My hottest travel tip for anyone planning a trip would be include New York in your itinerary! 

“No… just kidding! My best advice is - get out there and tick off your bucket lists. Do it now! Don’t wait to make your travel dream a reality. 

“It’s easier than you think with the right advice and support from a good agency like Signature Travel.”

Kylie Bastick – Travel Consultant

The people make the place for Kylie…

 For Signature Travel’s Kylie Bastick, the people make the place both when working and when travelling the world.

In the decade Kylie has spent in the industry, six of those have been as a Travel Consultant with Signature Travel.

Kylie says it’s the people that she works with in the Signature team that are her favourite part of the job. Likewise, it’s the friendly folk in the United States that make it her favourite travel location.

“America would have to be my favourite place to travel,” Kylie outlined. “The different parts of America are so diverse. The people are very friendly and hospitable.”

With nine countries currently under her belt, Kylie explained her ultimate travel experience would be an African camping safari soaking up the culture and wildlife.

Kylie’s best travel advice is that organisation is always key to a good trip and it’s also an essential skill in her trade. 

“As a travel consultant, you need to be very organised,” Kylie said. “I like to think I look for the best bargains for my clients. 

“We are at an advantage here at Signature Travel as we have a lot of suppliers to go to for the best deals available.”